Hope Frazier


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Hickory Nut Lake, Sunrise, 1994

Hickory Nut Lake, Sailboat, 1994

Hickory Nut Lake, Reflection, 1997

Hickory Nut Lake, Amber, 1997

Hickory Nut Lake, Gold, 1997

Hickory Nut Lake, Pastels, 1997

Woman in Prayer (Women of the Américas Series,) 1996
Cliff House (Women of the Américas Series,) 1996

Skim Surfer (Zen Images Series,) 1997

Calla Shadows (Zen Images Series,) 1996

On the Way to the Channel Islands (Zen Images Series,) 1997

Broken Glass Running (Zen Images Series,) 1996

Seaweed Afloat (Zen Images Series,) 1996

Xela Legs, Quinientos Anos, 1991

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