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Adams, Lisa - Paintings , Site Specific Installations.

Ahn, Young-Il- Abstract Paintings

Allison, Lou - Abstract & Representational Paintings

Arreola, Linda- Representational Painting

Arrowsmith, Dawn - Paintings , Site Specific Installations.

Atamian, Richard- Photography

Bailey, Amadea - Abstract Paintings

Baker,Atara - Abstract Paintings

Barnes, Larry - Abstract Paintings
Baron, Jerry - Paintings

Barron, John -Representational Painting.
Bender, Laurie - Representational Paintings & Prints

Bentz, Bill- Abstract Painting

Berkowitz, Michael- Conceptual Art & Paintings

Berman, Jeffrey - Painting & Sculpture

Bleifer, Sandy - Paintings and Constructions
Blizzard, Alan. - Abstract Paintings

Bower, Phil. -Representational Painting.

Buchman, Roy. - Representational Paintings

Butler, Janet- Representational Paintings (Watercolorist)
Calderon, Rudy - Sculpture
Capell, Marlene - Abstract Paintings

Chagnon, Louis- Abstract Paintings

Chipman, Jack - Paintings & Sculpture

Cho, Mika - Abstract Paintings

Coons, Katherine. - Abstract Sculpture and Painting.

Crowe, Katy - Abstract Paintings
Cullen, John - Abstract Paintings and Sculpture

Dagan,Batya - Representational Paintings .

Dawkins,Femi - Installations, Drawings and Conceptual Artworks .
DeMeo, Alvino- Photography, prints

Delcol, Roland- Representational Paintings

D'Agnenica, Jill -Site Specific Installations.

De Asis, Papo - Representational Paintings .

Ellison, James - Representational Painting
Elton, David. - Photographs

Faith - Paintings and installations

Farrington, Robert- Representational Paintings
Fastman,Raisa. - Photography

Federici, Ovidio. - Abstract Painting.

Frazier, Hope - Photography
French, David- Abstract Sculpture

Gad, Simone. - Representational Paintings .

Garrison, Elizabeth - Paintings/ Objects
Geist, Phillipp - Digital Art / Abstract Art
Gerrish, Richard. - Abstract Sculpture.

Goddard, Anthony. - Representational Sculpture, Abstract Paintings

Godfrey, Richard. - Site Specific Installations / Paintings

Goldstein, Pat - Representational Paintings .

Goodstein-Shapiro - Abstract paintings

Greenberg, Ruth Briggs- Representational Paintings

Greenfield, Mark - Assemblage, wall hangings

Grigor. - Abstract Steel Sculpture

Gronk.- Paintings / Installations.

Haezaert, Hugo - Representational, Abstract Painting

Hailey, Jason - Photography

Hart, Princess- Representational Paintings

Henderson, Victor - Abstract Paintings
Hill,Charles Christopher. - Abstract Paintings

Hobson, Diana - Abstact Paintings

Hoerr, Fred - Silkscreen prints

Honda,Shingo - Abstact Paintings

Hughes, Michael Patrick. -Representational Painting.

Isla, Mirta - Representational Paintings
Impert, Walter - Representational Paintings
Andrew Isaenkov - Abstract Paintings
Ituarte, Luis - Abstract Paintings

Jackson, Jett. - Representational Paintings .

Jacobi, Tania - Representational Paintings

Jason,Elaine. - Neon Assemblages

Kadonaga,Kazuo - Abstract Sculpture

Kean, Katherine. - Representational Paintings

Konrad, Emmeric. - Representational Paintings .

Kossover, Nomi. - Representational Paintings .

Kronenberg, Gali - Photography

Lake, Schuyler - Abstract Painting

Larson, Edward - Mixed media, painting

Lesso,Drew. Conceptual (Harmonics) works.

Lowe, Heather. - Abstract Paintings .
Long, Mary - Representational paintings
Lurie, Toby - Abstract Paintings  
Luvaas, Lucinda - Representational Paintings & Sculpture

Lyn,Diana. - Photography and Conceptual Art

Mallinson, Constance. - Representational Paintings.

Manders, Susan. - Representational Painting

Manolo - Sculpture and paintings

Marshutz, Roger - Assemblage / Photography
Matias, Rafael- Mosaic Paintings
McCall, Michael. - Abstract Paintings & Installations

Mendelsohn, Monroe - Wall Sculptures

Michev, Peter- Representational Painting

Mizuno, Mineo. - Ceramic Sculpture

Monzon, Rick. - Paintings .

Moody, Dominique - Sculpture, assemblage .

Murakami, Yoshika- Abstract painting

Murray, S.A. - Abstract & Representational Painting

Nellis, Scott - Abstract & Representational Paintings & Prints.

 Oraa, Blanca - Abstract Paintings

Paquereau, Christine - Representational Paintings

Palmer, Lisa- Abstract Paintings

Parth, Pat . - Digital images & Installations

Pedziwiatr, Michael. - Abstract Painting & Sculpture

Peterson, Jon. - Abstract Paintings & Site Specific Installations.

Potts, Joe. - Paintings/ collages

Roberts, Lois - Abstract Paintings

Rocha, Dan- Abstract Paintings

Rosenthal, Rachel. - Performance.

Reiss, Roland. - Abstract Paintings

Rivera, Gabriel, - Abstract Oil Paintings

Rollo, Virginia- Representational Painting

Rowe, Blaine Representational Painting

Salerno, Michael. - Abstract Paintings & Drawings

Sanborn, Diane - Paintings and Drawings

Schroeder, John. - Assemblage / Collage

Seemayer, Stephen. - Abstract Paintings & Site Specific Installations.

Schubert, Stephen - Wall Assemblages
Sibio, Linda. - Performance

Sirvio, Joonas - Abstract Paintings

Snell, Janet -Representational Painting.

Staggs, Sari. - Representational Watercolors

Starr, Barbara - Representational Paintings and Giclee Prints

Steele, Mary - Representational & Abstract Paintings

Sterritt, Coleen - Abstract Sculpture & Installations

Stephens, Richard - Abstract Paintings
Stevens, Victor White Wolf - Representational Paintings

Stock, Mark - Representational Paintings

Taetzsch, Lynne- Abstract Paintings

Tull, FC. - Mixed Media Abstract Paintings

Uyemura, Nancy - Abstract Paintings

Vavakova, Ivana - Representational Paintings

Vernon,Mary- Abstract painting

Waldrop,Travis- Prints

Weinstein, Riva - Assemblage, sculpture

Westmoreland, Lamonte- Conceptual assemblage

Williams, Pat Ward- Photography, Installations

Wilson, Janice. - Abstract Paintings

Wilson, Stanley - Assemblage, sculpture, painting

Wright,Michael. - Computer generated images.
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