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Janet Butler
Janet Butler, a former Pittsburgher, has been living in Perugia, Italy,
for the last 15 years. Inspired by Masters studies in Art History (University of
Pittsburgh, PA, l975) and by various trips to Europe, Butler returned to
the University to earn a second MA in Italian Language and Literature, along with a
TOEFL Certificate (Teaching of English as a Foreign Language)
from the Linguistics Department, in order to work abroad.
For many years, Butler's interest in art was intellectual rather than practical.
It was only at the urging of a gallery owner in Perugia, where she had taken her paintings
to be framed as gifts for friends, that she began to think seriously
about dedicating herself to painting - in particular, watercolors. As a
result, she spent a year and a half in intensive studies of the various
mediums and figure painting under the guidance of several artists in Italy.
Janet's special interest is portrait painting (animals as well as people),
which she does either from sittings or photos. She began exhibiting, first with groups,
then in l998, with several one-person shows. That same year, she entered
two national competitions in Italy, and was awarded an "honorable mention" in both.
Eight of Butler's watercolors are on permanent display
at La Banca Cooperativa de Mantignana, Perugia, and four in a permanent
exhibition at her favorite café, Niccolini's.
Butler now works "hand in glove" with Fabio,
the owner of the art gallery Artepiù, Piazza Sandro Pertini, Perugia,
who encouraged her career, and who is now her agent in Italy.
Janet Butler's watercolors are available for sale,
and can also be framed at a fair price (with plexiglass for shipping),
as they are for her Italian commissions.
Selected List of Collectors
The Bardelli family, eight watercolors for a small,
family-run hotel on the outskirts of Perugia

Anna Bardelli, various paintings for a private collection

Miss Silvia Parasecoli, Perugia, watercolor portrait

Mr. Marco Liberati, Perugia
Miss Francesca Mancini, Perugia
Miss Sophie Persello, France
Mr. Giuseppe Cagnetta, Perugia
Mr. Mauro Marini, Terni
Miss Annamaria Cassano, Budapest, Hungary
Dr. Gabriela Carolaioli, Todi, watercolor portrait
Miss Simona Macellari, Perugia
Mr. Riccardo Pispola, Perugia
Dr. Paolo Fagioli, Perugia, watercolor portrait

Professor Franco Famiani, University of Perugia,
watercolor portrait andother works

Miss Yaniri Canales, Peru, watercolor portrait
Mr. Aldo Saccoccini, Marsciano, watercolor portrait
Mr. and Mrs. Enrico Ragno, Perugia
Mrs. Orietta Picchiarelli, Perugia
Mrs. Anna Rita Pecorelli, Gubbio
Mr. and Mrs. John Dorinsky, New Kensington, Pennsylvania, USA
Mr. Johnny Dorinsky, Pittsburgh, PA. USA

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