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Artists Statement

My work has always been concerned with everyday life. A city street, the interior of a market, a woman sifting on her front porch with her child. All these scenes move to the cadences and rhythms emerging from the soul. The interior landscape hungers for full expression in lite through movement and change, silence and learning, giving love and receiving it. By exploring the infinite varieties of nature, that hunger is satisfied and if we follow our inner convictions allowing the unknown to become known, the reward is a true companionship with inspiration.

This sense of rhythm is inspiration coming to meet us. It is a beautiful dance to which we are irresistibly drawn and is the genesis of learning. I wanted. to emulate this dance by creating forms that invite the viewer to move, to engage with the imagery and therefore the themes and principles in an emotional and visceral way- The movement of the canvas is meant to symbolize the eternal fact that change is the foundation upon which nature flourishes.

These shapes are somehow reassuring. They seem as familiar as a rolling hillside that is already known. This feeling of reassurance is a strong foundation that allows an experience of powerful emotion to enter the soul with meaning. Essential truths and principles have always existed and we discover them by experiencing the vast chain of circumstances that form our daily lives, fulfilling our inner desire to improve. lt is this improvement that I am attempting to convey no matter how difficult the subject.

So I choose to paint people in their daily experience because of the inexhaustible source of meaning that comes out of human interaction. The sculptural canvases that I paint on are intended to enhance the subtle forces at work in our lives and to make them more evident, The volume of these shapes adds a quality of weight to the people and places in the paintings and the fact that the surfaces are constantly moving in a curve, gives that weight an airy quality or as Milan Kindera writes, "a lightness of being." It is the combination of this soaring airy quality and the solid weight of the forms that for me emulates the contrasts inherent in the human condition. Depicting principles and themes ranging from innocence to racism, parenting to childhood, integrity to ignorance and an and on becomes an exciting task of learning for me; a learning that is enhanced by the physicality of the canvas.

-Roy Buchman, 1996


BORN 1952, Newark, New Jersey


1972 Atelier Garrigues, South France
1974 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Syracuse University

1976 Master of Fine Arts, Otis Art Institute

EXHIBITIONS (selected)

1996 Ruth Bachofner Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, one-per-son
The Coagula National Juried Exhibition, Los Angeles, CA

1995 Group Show, In Motion, Huth Bachofner Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
1993 Pierce College Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
The Lowe Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, one-person show

1992 Nemiroff-Deut5ch Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1991 Art Store Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1990 Rico Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1988 Downey Museum of Art, Downey, CA
Orlando Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1987 LA Theater Center, Los Angeles, CA
1986 Diem Esterhazy Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1985 LA Artcore, Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles County Museum of Art Rental Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1984 Los Angeles County Museum of Art Rental Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1978 8th International Print Biennale, Krakow, Poland
1977 54th International Print Competition, SAGA, Now York, NY
1976 43rd Silvermine Guild Print Competition,'Connecticut
1975 3rd National Hawaii Print Competition, Honolulu, Hawaii
1974 15th National Print Competition, Nashua, New Hampshire


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