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Marlene Capell

Artist's Statement

My work is the record of my inquiry into life. It is a dialogue of discovery, which is self-reflective as well as an outreach to others.

My paintings begin on a very personal level. Hopefully, they touch the viewer in a similar way. It is important that my paintings become both personal and universal. They build upon the rich language of artists throughout history whom I have studied and admire. My painting is a metaphor for my life as well as a connection to our ancient beginnings and other cultures through time.

I use a specific kind of formal structure to provide order out of the vast multitude of available choices. I begin by building non-objective architectonic forms, which evolve from my fascination with Stonehenge and the Lion Gate of Mycenae. Rather than perceptually rendering or recreating the appearance of these monotlithic structures, working non-ojectively allows speculation, change, and discovery. The painting process is one of covering, scraping, redrawing, in order to challenge the existing state of the work. Multiple layers are built up and then partially obscured, leaving evidence of what went before. Just as each civilization is built upon the structure of previous ones, I believe our lives are a process of building one experience upon another. Often my paintings are painted over previous ones, creating a newer and hopefully richer image, a metaphor for growth and evolution.

Thus, each painting becomes an ongoing dialogue amongst the elements of shape, color and architecture or abraded surface seeking its inevitable end.

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