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Ovidio Federici


Federici paints what seems at first ornate but rigidly geometric lattice formations, occasionally paired with similarly symmetrical stylization of real things. The actual extravagances of these restrained shapes emerges as the particularities of Federici'idiosyncratic treatment become apparent.-From LA WEEKLY March 29 1991 "PICK OF THE WEEK " by Peter Frank

Federici creates an image and, with the same canvas, looks at it from different angles, demonstrating a lapidary interest in all its facets. Metaphysical, artistic, physical sensory. He plays mentally and optically, with fire. Yes Federici'work seems hopelessly out of fashion: it simply doesn'look clever enough. But ontological art that wrestles thusly with such major issues portends to the future of the discipline.-From VISIONS Winter 91 "THE AESTHETIC OF LANGUOR" by James Scarborough


1967 Graduated from the "Di Belle Arti", University of Rome, Italy.


1991- LA Artcore Gallery. Los Angeles, CA. "Impressions".
1990- System M Gallery. Long beach, CA. "Painted Works".
1988 -System M Gallery. Long Beach, CA. "Abstractions".



1993- John Thomas Gallery, Santa Monica, CA. "Waxworks "
Studio Raid Gallery, Los Angeles,CA. "Almost Monochrome Painting
Museo Italoamericano San Francisco, CA " Mostra 93" Artcore Annex.
Los Angeles, CA "Grand Finale"

1992- Artcore Annex. Los Angeles, CA "Three Artists".

1991 - LACE, Los Angeles, CA. "Lace Sixth Annuale". Curated by Randall Davis.
Korean Cultural Center. Los Angeles, CA. "Different Eyes". Catalog.
Peter Boxenbaum Center. Santa Monica, CA. "Artist & Critique ". Curated by Noel Korten.
Gallery 5. Santa Monica, CA. "The Next Generation".

1990 - Boritzer/Gray Gallery. Santa Monica, CA. "Emerging or Diverging Art ?".
LA Artcore Gallery. Los Angeles, CA. "Wall Works". Curated by Peter Frank.
System M Annex. Pasadena, CA. "Three L A Artists".

1989 -LA Artcore Gallery. Los Angeles, CA. "Paintings By". SITE. Culver City, CA. &#34Shrines&#34. Curated by Lisa Patt.
Installation Two Gallery. Santa Monica, CA. "Control/Chaos".
System M Gallery. Long Beach, CA. "Years of Alternative Art".
Installation Gallery. Encino, CA. "Big".

1988 - Rental and Sales Gallery, LA County Museum of Art. "Perpetual Motion".
Evanston Art Center. Chicago, IL."Artist Liaison". Juried Competition, Prize, Catalog.
Installation Gallery. Encino, CA. "Inaugural Show".
Mitra Fine Arts. Los Angeles, CA. "Habitat".

1981- Sykes Gallery. Millersville, PA. "Paint on Paper".

1980- Proctor Art Center. Bard College, NY. "Geometric Abstractions".

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