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Anthony Goddard

1308 Factory Place,Box 6
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 623-1380


Artists Statement

In my work I use steel and wood as the material to examine issues of contemporary life. I inject this work with social and political narratives that is expressed in my choice of subject within a specific context. One example of this is a human rights issue on abolishing capital punishment. The human figure is expressed in a way that most directly informs the viewer about the subject. Describing the issue of state execution, I constructed a genuine electric chair with a burned and mutilated man sitting upright.
My work parallels the sculptures of Edward Kienholz in its expression of suffering, pain and isolation. My current work reveals the harsher realities of life, the darker less exposed side of our human existence.


Selected Resume



University of CA, Santa Barbara--MFA, 1983 CO State University, Fort Couins--BFA, 1979 Inver Hills C.C., lnver Grove Heights, Minnesota--A.A. (Marketing) 1974



Spanish Kitchen "L.A. Voices" On Issues of Human rights - LA,CA - 1995
Factory Place Gallery "Huge Group Show" - L.,k, CA - 1995
Angel City Art - Centmy Cable TV Interview with Attist - 1995
DADA Group Exhibition - L.A, CA 1994
Factory Place Gallety 3-Art Group Show "Intense Comments" - CA- 1994
DADA Group Show - LA, CA 1993
Amnesty International -National Convention - Biltmore Hotel Benefit Art Exhibitioin - LA, CA 1992
Visual Impact Gallery (Group Show) "Erotic Art" - Woodland Hills, CA - 1991
801 North Brand Gallery, (Group Show), Glendale, CA - 1980
Brand Library Art Gallery, (Group Show), Glendale, CA - 1988
MOR Gallery, (group show), Venice, CA - 1963
Warner Center Art Gallery,( One Artist Show), Woodland Hills, CA - 1987
LART Gallery, (9+1 Show), Soho, NY - 1986
LACE Open Exhibition, (Group Show), Los Angeles, CA - 1985
U.C.S.B. Art MustuM (One Artist Show), Santa Barbara, CA - 1983
U.C.S.B. Art Museum, (one Artist Show), Santa Barbara, CA - 1982
Gallery 11 3, (Group Show), Santa Barbara, CA - 1981
Faulkner Gallery, (Group Show), Santa Barbara, CA - 1981
Faulkner Gallery, (2nd group show, Santa Barbara, CA - 1981
Marin county Art Gallery, (Group Show), Marin County, CA - 1981
Gallery 11 , (One Artist Show), Santa Barbara, CA - 1981
Black Hills Art Biennial,(Group Show), Rapid City, S.D - 1980
Lincoln Center Gallery, (one Artist Show), Fort Colfins, CO - 1980
C. S.U. Center Art Gallery, (one artist show) Fort Collins, CO - 1980
Co West Bionnil,(Group Show), Grand Junction, Co - 1980
Lincoln Center Gallery, (Group Show), Fort Collins, CO - 1979
Alpine Art Gallery, (One Artist Show), Folt Collins, CO - 1979
C.S.U, Center Art Gallery, (Group Show), Fort Collins, CO - 1979
Milly Beavers Gallery, (Group Show ), Boulder, CO - 1979
Acorn Gallery, (One Artist Show), 13 Boulder, CO - 1978
Acorn Gallery, (Group Show), Boulder, CO - 1977



Richard Baldwin - London, England
Ira Kurgatk - Fox Television - Hollywood, CA
Micronomic,s Corporation - Los Angeles, CA
Martha Rothmann - Marin, CA
Edward Stevenson - Hollywood Studio Gallery - Hollywood, CA
First Bank of Boulder - Boulder, CO
Dr. Harold Katz - Los Angeles, CA
John Weston - Turtle Rock Pointe, CA
Colorado State University - Fort Collins, CO

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