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The Selective Eye® art of Jason Hailey


Since 1957, Jason Hailey has focused his lens on the fabricated landscape. His contemporary hieroglyphic images explore the surface phenomena of ecological fodder found on our planet.

The eye is attracted and the mind seeks substance.

Expressing the beauty, rather then the ugly of discarded debris, his representational but vivid abstract art raises questions about the need to rethink our disposable society. This is not to imply that art's purpose is to deal solely with the crises of our planet. However, when art touches our conscience, forcing us to confront the world with renewed understanding, it serves a useful purpose, as well as being enjoyable.

Photographing raw reality under prevailing conditions, his images take shape without alterations, darkroom wizardry or computer manipulations. High quality cibachrome prints are prepared from the 8x1 0 original master transparency. Each 20x24,24x30 or 30x40 print becomes a signed, limited edition Selective Eye® artwork registered to the owner. It is archival mounted with a UV over- laminate, framed and ready for installation.

Over 100 collected works include: SE I - paint and paper on wall surfaces SE II - scrap yard compressed metal SE III - recycle waste

Education: University of Florida, University of Southern California, Chouinard Art Institute, Art Center College of Design. Degrees: Bachelor of Professional Art, Master of Photography, Fellowships -Great Britain and United States.

Publications: Graphis, CA Magazine, Art Direction, Designer's West, Professional Photographer, Cameracraftsmen of America , also published in Italy, Japan, Switzerland, Great Britain and United States.

Honors: Lectured internationally, instructor at various schools and colleges. Active and leader in various professional photography organizations, received numerous honors and awards including the National Award in 1990 for lifetime achievements in photography

Collections: Museums - Museum of Modern Art,NY, Dallas Museum of Art, Long Beach Museum of Art, Grand Rapids Museum of Art, International Photography Hall of Fame, etc. Corporate - Alcoa Aluminum, American Airlines, ARCO, Eastman Kodak Company, Arthur Young, Koll Center, Aero-Jet General, etc. Selective Eye® art works also included in various private collections. Additional list on request.

Purchases: Selections, pricing and ordering contact the artist at his studio:

JASON HAlLEY -4121 Redwood Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90066

Call or Fax 310/301-9592 e-mail I


Rental: To view Selective Eye® for corporate rental/sales, contact: Los Angeles County Museum of Art at 310/857-6500 (rental Dept)

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