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741 Crane Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90065
(213) 257-3646

BORN December 25, 1950


California institute of the Arts 1978-1980 MFA Art & Design
Teaching Assistanceship 1979-1980
Pearson Grant 1980
Otis Art Institute 1975-1977 'BFA Painting & Drawing
Los Angeles Valley College 1972-1975 AA Degree Fine Arts


"Downtown Lives '94"
Downtown Arts Development Association
1994 Annual Exhibition, Los Angeles, CA, November 1994
"Artists and Architecture" Artspace Gallery, Woodland Hills CA, Presented by the City of LA
Cultural Affairs Dept. and the Cultural Foundation
Exhibition of seven artists, curated by Scott Canty, May-June 1994
THE FIGURE, Fact, Fiction or Fragment" Mt- San Antonio College Art Gallery Walnut, CA, March 1993
"ART/LA 92", Contemporary Arts' Services, Sylvia White Gallery, LA Convention Ccnter, Dec 1992
"GROUP SHOW" Exhibition of five artists, curated by Sylvia White Brand Library Art Galleries, Glendale, CA, Nov 1992
"NEW ACQUANTENCES & OLD FRIENDS, Aspects of the Collection" Downey Musem of Art, Sept-Nov 1992
"GROUP SHOW" Boritzer/ Gray Gallery, Santa Monica, CA Oct-Nov 1991
"CALIFORNIA LANDSCAPE ART MOTIF", Downey Museum of Art, Sept-Oct 1988 "NEW AMERICAN PHOTOGRAPHS", Art Gallery, Calif. State University, San Bemardino CA, Oct-Nov 1982
Art Galleries, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, Nov-Dec 1983


"CONTEMPORARY MYTHS", Paintings, Jose Drudis-Biada Art Gallery, Mount Saint Mary's College, Los Angeles, CA, Sept-Oct 1990
"RECENT WORK", Paintings, Orlando Gallery, Sherman Oaks, CA, Dec-1987
"MEMORIES OF YOUTH", Orlando Gallery, Sherman Oaks, CA, Sept-Nov 1986
"CITY LIGHT", The Art Dock, Los Angeles CA, Oct 1985
"LA ROOFTOP SERIES", West Colorado Gallery, Pasadena CA, Oct-Nov 1980

"CITY OF DREAMS" NoHo Magazine, by Joseph Futtner lune 1994, Vol II, No 5
"ARTISTS AND ARCHITERCTURE:An exhibition of seven Los Angeles Artists' exploration of architectural metaphors" , Exhibition Catalog, Produced by the Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Dept., By Scott Canty, May 1994
"Building an Impression", Los Angeles Times, by Naacy Kapitanoff Exhibition review, May 13, 1994
"Artweek", Oct 4,1990, Vol 21 No 32, by Marge Bulmer
"Artscene",Oct l990, Vol O No 2, Includes reproduction
"New American Photographs", Exhibition Catalog, Oct-Nov 1982 by Scott Ward


"NEW TRADITIONS", 5-Fight Los Angeles Painters", Downey Museum of Art, Jan-Feb 1988, curated by Michael Hughes and Scott Ward, introductory Essay by Michael Hughes


Lee & Paulette Arnone, Culvcr City, CA
Joseph A. Hardy, Sr., Farmington, PA
Ellie Blankfort, Los, Angeles, CA
Chaim BenBasat, Sepulveda, CA
Mr & Mrs Murray Horewitz, Connellsville, PA
Jim Gray, Boritzer/Gray Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
Stephanie dDi Phillipo, Los Angeles, CA
Heron properties, Inc-, Los Angeles, CA
Downey Museum of Art, Downy, CA
Rudy & Chris Andl, Thousand Oaks, CA
MIKA Company/Michael Kamen, Los Angeles CA
Robert Gino/Phillip Orlando, Encino, CA
Miki Warner, Malibu, CA
Judy Fiskin, Los Angeles, CA
Carl Schlossberg, Encino, CA
Michael Salerno, Los Angeles, CA
Stephen J. Yoder, Los Angeles, CA
Guy B. Nutter, Los Angeles, CA
Jack Sullivan, San Gabriel, CA
Paul Henry, Los Angeles ,CA
Mr & Mrs Paul Maag, Santa Inez CA
Mr & Mrs Robert Taylor, Los Angeles, CA
Edward Glendinning,, Los Angeles, CA
Ben Tunnel, Los AngeIes, CA
Rick Samuels, Los Angeles, CA
William Bingham, Encino,CA
Jay DiBaiso, Miami, FL
Richard Godfrey, Los Angeles ,CA

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