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Princess Hart
Princess Hart is a multi-disciplined artist whose creative activities embrace many mediums; painting, printmaking, drawing, sculpture, and architectural art. Princess's distinctive style evolved from early training as an illustrator, her journey of internal exploration, and the determination to constantly challenge herself with new boundaries. She combines a rare sense of dramatic force with subtle wit to produce a visual language of exceptional poignancy.
Often employing a figurative starting point, her images capture and embrace moments of truth and reflect an intensity born of integrity. Her richly varied images represent the culmination of skills mastered over a career spanning thirty years and her preparedness to experiment with a wide range of mediums and techniques.

This comfortable familiarity with, and mastery of, numerous painting and printmaking methods creates an extensive artistic vocabulary, which allows extraordinary flexibility in the communication of her personal vision.

Operating from her etching/painting studios in a rural New Zealand village, Princess Hart draws her strength and inspiration from the rich fabric of life and landscape in this remote corner of the world.

The paintings and etchings of Princess Hart are distributed widely throughout North America, Europe and Australia. Please contact Stoneyhill Studio & Press for gallery information or inquiries.


Stoneyhill Studio & Press
1067-88 Valley Rd.
R.D.1, Wakefield 7181
New Zealand

phone: 64-3-5419558
fax: 64-3-5418887

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