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628 Milo Terrace Los Angeles Ca. 90042

Phone/fax 213 349 0793


Luis Ituarte Was born in Tijuana, Baja California Mexico. Studied high school in a Jesuit college in Mexico city. Later went to U.N.A.M.'s (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico) Law School and San Carlos Art School, he was involved in the 1968 student movement (Tlaltelolco), which resulted in his exile to Nicaragua and Guatemala. He reassumed his studies in both law and art at the University of Guanajuato Mexico, where he worked with Mexican muralist Jose Chavez Morado and the Cultural Department of the University. In 1974 Ituarte emigrated to Canada and settled in Victoria, British Columbia, where he attended the Victoria College of the Arts and became a strong voice in support of the arts. He was a founding member of "Alley Art", a street art coalition. Ituarte in collaboration with the Greater Victoria Art Gallery, started the program "Artists at City Hall" which he coordinated for 5 years. In 1988 Ituarte moved to Los Angeles California, where he has been: Director of Cultural Activities for The Olvera Street Merchants Association, art teacher at Plaza de la Raza and The Junior Arts Center, programs coordinator at the Lankershim Art Center and Director of Art in the Park with the city of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department. In addition he has been a producing artist and designer, art curator and judge of many exhibits. Founding member of the "Graffiti Arts Coalition", "Urbanos L.A." and "Consejo Fronterizo de Arte y Cultura" COFAC (border advisory for the arts and culture).






The objects I create; paintings, collages, sculptures, installations and the writings, along with the activities I generate; the cultural celebrations the art events, the exhibits, the teaching, are all part of my artistic expression.

Art lives in Culture, history gives us the understanding of Culture, I like to study the times I live in and with my art, review history as a process to create a better future.

The fall of the Berlin Wall marks the beginning of a new era "sin fronteras"(without borders). All there is left is our attitudes about other people and I believe that the arts have a very important roll to play.

Been born and bred in Tijuana Mexico gave me a sense of understanding of North American Culture. My experiences in Mexico City, Central America and Canada made me distrustful of USA Culture and my experience of Los Angeles California makes me realize that border is a state of mind, and that the future lies mostly in the acceptance of our differences.

I hope to fulfill my purpose as an artist when my work interacts with people, bringing our cultural, social and individual personas across.


Since 1993 Luis Ituarte has been working on a project that involves the study of the Baroque movement. "Baroque was a phenomenal inspiration that marked the beginning of Modernism". "Baroque was the liberal force against neo-classic conservative structures of the culture", Ituarte says in his manifesto, "It is very appropriate at the end of Modernism, when the Post-modern has not yet been defined, to bring the forces of the Baroque to counter-attack the ëtrendsetters', who are already trying to set the Post-modern on the Neo-classic structures".

"Let's look at the curve line as a liberating factor of the spirit, an historical symbol and a creative ingredient for those who look at the future, to remind them that we have many choices and tendencies to equilibrate, for the creation of the Post-modern."


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