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What Got Me Wandering (from the introduction)

by Gali Kronenberg


Our kibbutz was visiting a West Bank ruin. A knot of adults surveyed the dusty valley, bald hills with olive groves, stone walls, an occasional donkey and the windy paved road we had just traveled. The guide droned on about Isaac, or was it Joshua, and pointed to Bethlehem, or possibly Jericho, and I wandered off with two other boys, Ziv and Gidi.

In a high-pitched voice, I sang the last line of a song about a hashish smoker that made us giggle, but drew shushes and stares from the adults. Silenced by the grown-ups, Gidi, Ziv and I wandered off. Or, I should say, ran off. Gidi pushed me in the butt, yelling tafasti otcha, "Tag. You're it!"

I stumbled, jamming a pebble under my sandaled foot. By the time I shook it free, I could just make out Gidi's back as he and Ziv disappeared behind a stand of eucalyptus trees. I wanted to catch up, but I noticed a field of trenches marked by a triangular flag and a sign with large red Hebrew letters. Squatting next to a trench, I eased myself into the earthen passage. I started to run, faster than I'd ever run before, certain I would find a treasure of rusted grenade triggers, shell casings and bullet clips - items certain to impress Ziv and Gidi.

Memories of what happened next are muddied. I recall someone shouting "minefield," and . . .

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I have worked as a Chinese/French interpreter and journalist. I have a master's degree from Columbia University and have also been a student in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. I have worked as a reporter at several newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times. I work as a freelance writer in Los Angeles.

Writing Experience

Columnist, Los Angeles Times. Writer of a column on business trends and technology which runs on Mondays in the Los Angeles Times business section. 1996 ­ present
Staff writer, Los Angeles Times, writing daily stories and special r
Feature writer, The New York Times Regional Group. Wrote scores of stories for The Sarasota Herald-Tribune and the Santa Barbara News-Press, winning awards for a series on a forlorn President Bush on holiday and a grandmother on crack. 1992 - 95
Reporter, The San Diego Union, reporting on crime and ethnic issues. 1990 ­ 91
Senior researcher, Chaos Under Heaven, a chronicle of the massacre in Tiananmen Square. Interviewed students, diplomats and soldiers in San Francisco, Hong Kong and Beijing. 1989
Author, The World Bank in China, a book on World Bank energy, transportation and agriculture projects in China. 1987



M.S., Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, 1990

B.A., University of Michigan, Chinese language, 1982

Foreign Study: Beijing University, Beijing, China 1982; and National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan 1985

Foreign Experience

Facilitated European firms in obtaining World Bank contracts in China; helped clients determine which projects to pursue and negotiated on their behalf with the government of China.
Translated U.S. films and television into Chinese for broadcast on Taiwan's most popular nightly TV show, Dajia Yiqi Lai.
Assistant to the Le Monde correspondent in Beijing.
Seven-year residence in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa.

References available upon request


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