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Nomi Kossover

About me, Nomi Kossover.

Nomi has been painting from as far back as when she was a child. Nomi has graduated from Ort and Bezalel in Israel. They are two of the most well known institutions in the world.
Living in the USA, she received private art instruction from the renowned artist Carlos Norte, one of the best known Mexican Artists.
Following experimentation with landscapes, seascapes, and portraiture,Nomi recently returned to her first love, ANIMALS.
From frequenting zoos,wildlife preserves, and safaris and observing animals innatural habitats, Nomi acquired the knowledge to paint her subjects realisticlly.
After twenty-five years, Nomi's intens enthusiasm and enjoyment for painting wildlife has not abated, and her awe-inspiring images of these noble creatures hang in public and private collections and have been exhibited in galleries in California.
Nomi's art has been published all over the USA and Japan.

" When I paint those awesome and magnificent creatures, they seem to look and talk to me with approval. I put my hear tand soul into each painting, and by the time I'm finished , the animals look as if they are ready to jump off the canvas. That's when I"m happy"
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