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Rick Monzon

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1973- Art Center College of Design, Los Angeles
1971- Academy of Art College, San Francisco, CA
1971- Diablo Valley College, Concord, CA

1998- Random Gallery,“5 Years at Random”
1998- El Pueblo Gallery, Los Angeles,“Mirar L.A.” ,
1998- New Alchemy Gallery, Los Angeles,“Without Beginning, Without End”
1997- Cal State Univ. L.A.,“In the Neighborhood”
1997- Random Gallery, Los Angeles,”Pocket Art 3”
1997- Downtown Artists Development Agency, (DADA) “Downtown Lives ‘97”
1997- Occidental College, Los Angeles,“Arroyo Landscape Painters”
1996- Random Gallery, Los Angeles,“Pocket Art 2”
1995- Brand Library, Glendale CA ,“Brand XXV“
1995- Occidental College, Los Angeles, “Transitory Constructs”
1995- Random Gallery, Highland Park“Stucco Dwellings and Landscapes”
1995- Arroyo Arts Collective- Media City Group Show, Burbank
1994- Downtown Artists Development Agency, (DADA)“Downtown Lives”
1994- Arroyo Arts Collective“Open Studio Tour”
1994- Los Angeles County Museum of Art Rental Gallery, “Show 5”
1993- L.A. Center for Photographic Studies“Dia de Los Muertos”
1992- Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions

Brand Library, Glendale, CA
MCA Corp., Universal City, CA
Black / Marlens - Walt Disney Productions
Melanie Ingalls, Los Angeles, CA
Jimmy Wachtel, Los Angeles, CA
Richard Godfrey, Los Angeles, CA
Ted Hope, New York, NY
Bartel Design Group, Los Angeles, CA
Nicole Holofcener, New York, NY
George Mount, Menlo Park, CA
Rick Frey, Los Angeles, CA
John Barry, Los Angeles, CA 
Peter Schock, Ph.D., New Orleans, LA

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