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Yoshika Murakami

57 Pine Brook Rd
Towaco, NJ 07082
P/F: 973-402-7872
E-mail: YMurakami82@aol. com


Through my paintings, I have been simply searching for myself. Beyond logic or intellect, every image directly comes from my heart, so I truly enjoy the unexpected mixture of colors and images which are often created on a canvas. Color is a strong tool to express our emotions and nonverbal messages. In my paintings, colors often play the role of metaphors. Especially, the colorful images of "fading into the light," which I often use to represent things such as diversity, freedom, flexibility, optimism, transformation, spontaneousness, and the depth of our being. I also see my own process of learning as a human being in every painting I create. In other words, my paintings reflect "me", "us", and the "existence of the universe itself."


Award of Merit
Manhattan Art Int'l the 1997 Sixth Annual Competition, New York, NY
Best of the 20-29 age division

1997 Art by Artists Art Contest, Tampe, AZ

Award of Merit
Manhattan Art Int'l the 1998 Seventh Annual Competition, New York, NY

Direct Art Buyer Magazine Vol.1 1999 by SlowArt Productions

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