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Christine Paquereau

Christine's painting is representational, artless and narrative.
-Andre Ruellan, "Valeurs de l'Art", issue 60,Sept-Oct 1999.

Christine Paquereau's painting is the stuff of dream and poetry. Childhood memories and starry nights carry us in a simpe happy world.

There is some magic in those "snapshots" she captures time after time, some magic that makes you smile for a long time.......A delicate alchemy of spontaneity and emotion.
-Stephane Weibel, "l'expo" :



I paint on canvas mostly with acrylic. I like to paint special moments, countrysides lanscapes or starry nights to try and bring happiness to people. Sort of stopped pictures, I like to create a space where people can imagine a story or can remember a pleasant moment. I am happy when someone ventures into a painting to create more of the landscape or invent a story based on the painting. I appreciate the land of dreams as dreams are the building blocks of the future. I enjoy limiting the objects in a painting so as to create a wide space effect. To me, communication is great and magical. I use it throughout my paintings, without pretension but without limits.

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Have a nice visit and a good trip in my world!

Christine Paquereau, french painter.


French painter.
Born in 1966 in Western France.
Lives and works in Paris.
Drawing since her childhood.
Painting since 1992.


At a very young age, Christine discovered drawing as a hobby and always included illustrations in letters she sent.
In 1984, she chose to study Graphic Arts.
In 1986, she began a career as a graphic designer in ad agencies and publishing houses in Paris.


In 1992, she decided to put her favorite illustrated characters on canvas, painted with acrylic.
In 1994, her first individual exhibition was such a success that Christine decided to become a profesionnal painter.
Since then, Christine has regularly exhibited her work in France and Belgium. Each exhibition helps her grow as an artist: meeting people and sharing the other artists' energy increases her creative pleasure.


Christine works both as a free-lance graphic artist and a painter. She exhibits her paintings in Contemporary Art Fairs, Art Shows and individual exhibitions. Since 1997, with 10 other painters, she organizes each year a one-day painting event at different places in Paris (e.g., aboard a canal boat, in a garden, etc.)


Christine won the encouragement prize of Grand Prix International de Peinture d'Ypres (Belgium) and Deauville (France)

March : First individual exhibition (Paris-France)
GMAC (Paris-France)

1995 - 1996
Several exhibitions in Animation's Centers (Paris-France)
Several participations on Art Market in suburbs of Paris (France)
GMAC (Paris-France)

GMAC (Brussels-Belgium)
"10 painters and one photograph in a boat" (Paris-France)
GMAC (Paris-France)
GMAC (Lille-France)
Gallery Borrelli (Colombes-France)

GMAC (Paris-France)
Open studio (Paris-France)
"11 painters in a boat" (Paris-France)
Gallery Atelier Z (Paris-France)
"Le Groupe des Dix at l'Espace T. Lautrec"
Gallery La Tete de l'Art (Lons-le-Saunier-France)

Gallery La Tete de l'Art (Lons-le-Saunier-France)
GMAC (Paris-France)
"Le Jardin extraordinaire" (Abbeville-la-Rivere-France)
32e Show of Decoration (Nice-France)
GMAC (Brussels-Belgium)

20 acrylic paintings put in sales of auction in France and Europe since september 1999 .
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