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863 Hyperion Avenue • Los Angeles, California 90029-3105 • Telephone 323.663.9113



California College of Arts & Crafts (CCAC), BFA in Painting with High Distinction


1998 “Downtown Lives! ‘98”, group show, DADA (Downtown Artists Development Association), Los Angeles, CA
1997-98 "Red/Blue/Green Paintings", solo show, Cappuccino Charlie's, S. Pasadena, CA
1997 Painting (Blues) appeared in music video (The Corrs, Atlantic Records)
1997 “Downtown Lives! ‘97”, group show, DADA, Los Angeles, CA
1996 “Downtown Lives! ‘96”, group show, DADA, Los Angeles, CA
1996 "Red Paintings", solo show, 410 Boyd Street, Los Angeles, CA
1996 Painting (Untitled with Ice Blue) appeared on TV episode of "Friends" (original air date 1.18.96)
1995 Solo show, Skewer Grill, West Hollywood, CA
1995 “Downtown Lives! ‘95”, group show, DADA, Los Angeles, CA
1995 "Table of Contents", group show, Desmond Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1995 Group show, L.A. Art Seen/Skewer Grill, West Hollywood, CA
1995 Group show, L.A. Art Seen/Charles Aidikoff Screening Room, Beverly Hills, CA
1995 "Group of Power: Imagism Now", group show, Fine Art at Factory Place, Los Angeles, CA
1994 "Downtown Lives! '94", group show, DADA, Los Angeles, CA
1994 Solo show, Haute Cafe, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
1994 Group show, L.A. Art Seen/Jim White Enterprises, Beverly Hills, CA
1994 "Let There Be Art", group show, L.A. Art Seen/Isola Bella, West Hollywood, CA
1993 "Downtown Lives! '93", group show, DADA, Los Angeles, CA
1993 "3 Pieces", solo show, The Prudential Insurance Company of America, Los Angeles, CA
1992 "Recent Works", group show, Opus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1991 "Oil Paintings 1990", solo show, Riss Intermodal Corporation, Alameda, CA
1990 "Oil Paintings 1989-1990", solo show, Ghostown Gallery, Oakland, CA
1990 "Oil Paintings 1989", solo show, Double Rainbow Cafe, Berkeley, CA
1989 "Project 89", group show, CCAC, Isabelle Percy West Gallery, Oakland, CA
1988 "Senior Show", solo show, CCAC, Isabelle Percy West Gallery, Oakland, CA
1988 "New Works", group show, CCAC, Dennis R. Smith & Associates Architects, San Francisco, CA. Juror: Peter Selz
1984 Group show, Foothill Junior College, Semans Library, Los Altos Hills, CA


My oil paintings are saturated, cavernous environments, abstract landscapes. I work reactively and intuitively, pouring paint from buckets and repeating the pouring and staining process until the desired effect is achieved. Atmospheres that are simultaneously internal and external are created, and become those that surround us as well as inhabit us: hot and explosive, a slow burn, a molten state, cool and serene, sometimes disturbing. Much of my work is monochromatic because every color has so many diverse personalities, intensities, and emotions tied to it that one or two colors deserve the entire canvas.

In my pastel drawings the forms are also simultaneously internal and external, twisting the meaning of positive and negative space; the raw paper is no longer a true ground. The forms borrow from body cavities, bones, and sinewy muscle tissue and result in an abstract, dynamic physicality of female sensuality, fertility, and strength.


-Lisa Palmer, Los Angeles, 1999

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