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Pat Parth Biographical Information

Parth's selected exhibitions include: Tenth Bienal de Sao Paulo, Brazil; The International Society of Plastic and Audio Visual Arts traveling exhibitions to: Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Brazil; and The World's Women On-Line! United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing, China.

About the art works:

Parth's work does not easily fall into one single discipline but rather a multi-disciplinary, multi-media, mixed-media and conceptual. She even conceptualizes her abstract painting. In her own words, "These paintings can be arranged and rearranged subjectively and thus incorporating audience's and curator's participation. The art work crosses the lines of painting, sculpture, and installation. The medium becomes ambiguous and abstract. The title denotes a dichotomy of construction and deconstruction. The miniature size of the works calls for intimacy and devoids heroism and masculinity of the earlier Abstract Expressionism. The images are displayed in the like manner of framed portraits (non-representation) on tables-and not as wall paintings..."Abstracted Abstract Abstraction."

In most cases, the use of word and imagery are integral in her work. "I" is Parth's self- portrait in which "i-words" are incorporated into the images in attempt to explain/describe about her very self. But words do not really explain/describe..."I"

"A-words, I-words, D-words, and S-words" is the title of her digital work that consists of more than one hundred different slides of words and images. She projects them on a built nomadic tent's wall as one piece of art work among six other works under the main installation entitled "The Age of Alienation." The installation is on view from October 4 to 20,1996 at 720 Alameda Street, the site of DOWNTOWN LIVES '96. Her web site address,, provides viewers with a subjective/interactive experience of the installation. Parth's concept of the present day global village is presented with sound effects in addition to the visual images under the title, "Tower of Bable." The site, as of October 1996, also serves as her personal bulletin board. Invitations/announcements of exhibitions, viewers's feed back and more can be accessed. Her other address,, displays her digital art,"Diversity" among works of eight hundred international artists. Parth embraces technological changes whole-heartedly. She had stopped making art (images/objects) for over two decades. With the age of information (access/connectivity) and the global cultures, she now makes her presence and voice heard again. Art can inform -not transform, but art can also reawaken our senses.

Grants:The Cultural Affairs Department of Los Angeles 1996-97
The Arts Recovery Fund, a collaborative effort of the J.P. Getty Trust Fund, the Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department, the National Endownment for the Arts, California Arts Council, A T & T, California Foundation, Los Angeles Art Association, and the Times Mirror Company 1992.

California State University Los Angeles: M.F.A.; M.A.
Miami University: B.F.A.
Studies: Royal College of Art, London, England.
Ecoles d'Art Americaines, Fontainebleau, France
Pat Parth (Puangpej Parthornratt), born in Bangkok, Thailand, resides in Los Angeles since 1981.

e-mail: pparth      tel/fax: 12136667465


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