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Photo:Jordan Davis

filename: FUTURFAX 1992 - Solo with recorded Sound on cassettes.

The piece takes place in 2012, 11 months after the "Great Calamity", or ecological crash. Rosenthal is 86 years old. She lives alone, barely making it in a world depleted of air, water, plants and animals, and in the throws of anarchy, rationing, and the collapse of technology. The population has been decimated, resources are all but gone, life is hard, and survival is the imperative.

In this atmosphere, Rosenthal tries to keep body and soul together, fighting gangs, making do with drastically rationed water, power and food, and cheating her own loneliness by telling herself old stories, musing on Time and Space and the History of Humankind, keeping up her sense of humor, and cuddling her toy dolphin.

Miraculously aŽnd totally unexpectedly, a FAX arrives. It's a FAX from people in the future, who have figured out how to communicate through a time-warp! The letter is dated 2092, and describes the world of that time. Rosenthal, enthralled, reads the content of the missive, and finds herself playing out and becoming the senders. The second half of Filename: FUTURFAX is a window into that future, and into the destiny of our species.

This piece can be read as a fable, a cautionary tale, a science fiction, or simply a cry of anguish transformed into a guffaw of hilarity at our terminal insanity.


Many millennia ago, a Neolithic Faust made a pact with the Devil. The Devil said: "man is top of the heap!"

And Faust caught the ball and ran with it:
"Four billion years went into creating US!
We've arrived.
Evolution is fired!
God breaks the mold.
We are the masters.
being the raison d'etre, the sine qua non, we are exempt from the laws of Nature.
the "Law of Limited Competition" DOES NOT APPLY TO US.
we make the whole world OUR ECOLOGICAL NICHE.
NO room or rights for any others.
Everything except OUR food and the food of OUR food is our enemy and must be exterminated.


Kill off everything we can't eat.
Kill off everything that eats what we eat.
Kill off everything that doesn't feed what we eat.


That's the Way Things Are!"
And the Devil rubbed his hands together and said: "Faust, you're a good boy.