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KABBALAMOBILE 1984 - Solo with Tom Anthony's Precision Driving Team I wanted to combine the spiritual and the material in a piece. I wrote a text which was a deconstruction of 12th Century Kabbalistic poetry and automotive magazine copy. I collaborated with Tom Anthony and seven of his cars: three black, three white, and a red. The performance was done in the context of "Carplays", a weekend of car-related works sponsored by MOCA (The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles) and the Mark Taper Forum (a theatre in the Music Center complex in Los Angeles) to complement the new museum's exhibition "The Automobile and Culture". KabbaLAmobile was presented three times in the Department of Water & Power parking lot in downtown Los Angeles. I emerged from an underground Parking, walked the length of the parking lot to music composed by the Dark Bob, and ascended a scaffold tower erected before the audience bleachers. I chanted the text to the music while the cars danced a kabbalistic ballet and performed stunts around me.


The engine is like two 3-cylinder units joined. The intake and exhaust valves are sodium-coded and are actuated by twin overhead camshafts located in an aluminum box extending over both cylinder banks. The cylinders themselves are Nikasil-coated and are welded by electron beam to the individual 4-valve cylinder heads.

Here is your soul
Blood is her name
Here are your mother and father
vessels to the name and memory of it.

And the breath of deliverance storms over the land in his flight, law and work renew his heart which he writes in flaming script out of a flaming pen's power- fearful and awesome ink irrigating the land, licking the dry places, wringing from the dry places the bow and arrow of Torah, which will split the sky in two.