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Joonas Sirvio Biography

Joonas Sirvio is a visual artist living and working in Dublin, Ireland.
Joonas was born in the north of Finland in 1961, but soon moved
to Helsinki with his family. Having been trained as a materials engineer
in metals and working in this area for a number of years, he found himself
being drawn more towards his artistic side. He began preparing his exit from
regular employment during 1993 and by 1996 had moved to Ireland to concentrate
his efforts solely in art.

Joonas' initial artistic training began in Finland in various art schools,
but being dissatisfied with the thrust of mainstream education techniques,
Joonas decided to abandon his art studies in order to concentrate solely in
developing his own unique style.

The Wicklow mountains which lie to the south of Dublin, with their green
valleys, fast flowing streams and varied peaks, have proven to be an endless
source of inspiration and are reflected throughout his art.

Joonas had his first solo exhibition in Dublin in October 1997 and since
then he has exhibited widely in Ireland, Sweden and the United Kingdom. His
paintings are featured in the Microsoft Ireland and Campbell Bewleys Group
Art Collections.

Joonas is mainly an abstract painter, painting Irish landscapes and human
figures, but also creates digital images. His digital image "Runaway" was
short-listed for the Digital Print Award '98 in the UK. In his paintings he
combines heavy texture with colours, resulting in a very deep emotional charge
between the viewer and the painting. Texture in his paintings as well as the
use of bright colours makes his paintings quite different and unique.

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