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from "Apt. 409"

"Apartment 409" ("She's no neophyste when it comes to smearing the boundaries between artisitc intensity and what some might call abnormal behavior" John Payne, LA Weekly) is a three hour solo extravaganza which includes fifteen minutes of original 16mm films and a set (which is a giant sculpture) constructed of steel and wood with wallls that move and talk and a bed which raises from the floor to the ceiling. The piece has been compared to German Expressionist films with the first half being done in make-up which make all the characters looks as though they've been burned in a fire. It is based around a true story and history of an apartment in the sleazy part of Hollywood in a building called the Nirvana. It deals with the issues of drug addiction, mental illness and juxtaposes these with the Hollywood dram and the search for happiness.