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from "Energy & Light and their Relationship to Suicide"

"Energy and Light and Their Relationship to Suicide" ("...illuminates a sad or tense beauty in these scenes of betrayed hope, consuming loneliness, and desperate rationalization,...Pamela Ellis, Lavendar Lifestyles,Minneapolis, MN) is a 1 1/2 hr. solo work which premiered at The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, MN in January, 1996 in their series "Out There." The creative consulting director on the piece was Reza Abdoh. The work juxtaposes the scientific issues of energy and light with the humanistic search for death. Since death has become a prominent issue in our society with the onset of terminal illnesses including AIDS, cancer and other causes of death such as gang violence. The work has a touring version with a 13' installation that includes a boxing ring, prison, and torture chamber with 4 kinetic sculptures that self-destruct. This work can fit in any small theatre. The larger version is with a 21' installation which contains a boxing ring, science lab, and torture chamber. It should be done in an alternative wherehouse space for it includes a large black and white floor painting, four interactive sculptures, 4 interactive coffins and body parts/machine parts which hang surrealistically from the ceiling. This work has a continuous musical soundtrack from Czechoslovakian composer Kamil Kruta - a first in a wave of underground musicians to leave the country since the fall of communism - and American composer RIchie Miller