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from "Hallelujah I'm Dead"

"Hallelujah I'm Dead" is a 1 hr. 20 minute solo work which juxtaposes the issues of the criminally insane and TV Evangelists. It is staged within an installation of large hamster, bird and rat cages made of steel. Within these giant 12' cages are smaller cages made of rotted wood and chicken wire. The props include religious icons, large quanities of oversize animal bones, raw meat along with a costuming feast. The characters are a TV Evangelist, the religious mass murderer, an abused child, a buthcer and a very mixed up southern bell with an electric saw. These characters play against a web of video which includes staged portions of absurd realism, mixed with video
surveillance footage on crime and religion. This work explores religion as the possible cause of large scale violence in our society such as gang murders, serial killings and terrorists activities. It looks at the rape of religion by corporate motivation, suppression of primitive religions and the lack of spirituality in large organized sects. This lack of spirituality leaves the worshiper empty, blank and cold enough to kill. It has a continuous musical soundtrack created by Richie Miller.