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Photo: Sean Edberg

Suicidal Particles

"Suicidal Particles" ("Death Jam: Miller got themost amazing sounds out of his instrument." Steve Miller, Private Eye Weekly) is the easiest work to tour fitting in a few suitcases, is 1 hour in length and has a live band and is one hour in length. It can play to very large audiences as well as smaller spaces. It has been done at Cal State Fullerton and at LACE and Playscool in Salt Lake City, Utah. I work with two musicians well versed in improvisational techniques - Richie Miller (keyboards and musical composer) and Ralph Gorodestsky (on bass). Visuals in the piece include a double image with Richie and myself dressed in Elizabethan costumes with three foot bright orange hair, stronk kabuki make-up and bodies painted with black veins. Slides, an original film along with props complete the set-up which fits on a small stage with easy white lights.