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10431 Burbank Boulevard

North Hollywood, CA 91601

Phone/Fax (818) 761-3834





A Portrait of the Artist

Stephen Schubert began developing his own distinctively styled multidimensional art in the early 1990's. His phenomenal success attests to his ability to touch people with his unique work. A welcome change in an age of mass production, Stephen personally crafts each individual work. The current portfolio includes over five hundred original designs, individually created by the artist, and offered in limited editions.
Inspired by his travels, dreams, a deep appreciation of nature, and interaction with his clients, his three dimensional works have been described as "whimsical, with a touch of nostalgia." The pieces generally depict an interior space with a window or other view of the landscape. "This juxtaposition of man-made space with nature has always intrigued me," says Stephen. His use of vivid color and forced perspective in the finely cut and layered birch elements invites the viewer into the scene, effectively opening the inhabited space.
Many of Schubert's works are personal commissions. Stephen is particularly adept at working wit his clients to create personalized pieces which reflect not only the external aspects of their lives but also their inner realities and dreams. His constant challenge is to help the client create a living environment in which the fullness of his clients' personalities is given life
Schubert was recently honored by the California State Senate, having his work chosen to be displayed as part of the first California Contemporary Art Collection. His art is displayed in fine galleries across the country and such diverse venues as country clubs, health organizations, charities, and restaurants.

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