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Victor White Wolf Stevens

3400 E. Speedway, Suite 118-285

Tucson, AZ 85716

tel 520-322-5762

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Public Collections
Chrysler Art Museum, Permanent Collection, Norfolk, VA 1976
Mint Art Museum, Curatorial Collection, Charlotte, NC 1987
Winthrop College, Permanent Collection, Rockhill, SC 1988
Saks Fifth Avenue, Corporate Collection, New York
"Not Strictly a Painter", art therapy with disturbed teenagers, PBS Documentary, Seattle, WA 1971
"Top of the Day", interview with a painter in his studio, ABC TV, Charlotte, N.C. 1981
Publications and Statements
"Art With a Punch", article in Creative Loafing, written by John Rogers, 1989
"During the last twenty years his work has reflected the changing spirituality of the artist himself. His work is a coming together of the spiritual world and the physical world reflected in the natural grace of the primal mind." Bailey Shane Collier, writer
"The Paul Gauguin of the Northwest." Tom Robbins, author
"The greatest natural painter I've ever met." Paul Heald, Seattle artist
"The visionary Van Gogh of the Sonoran Desert", overheard at the Tubac Center for the Arts
"He is both a shaman and an artist", Susanne Reed, teacher, photographer, writer
"Visionary art for those that can tell the difference", David Roe
Purchase Award North West Annual, Clement Greenberg, Juror, Seattle 1969
Edmonds Art Festival,Juror's Choice, Edmonds, WA 1970
North West Water Color Society, Juror's Choice, Seattle, WA 1973
Tubac Center for the Arts, Award of Merit, Tubac, AZ Spring 1990
Tubac Center for the Arts, Award of Merit, Tubac, AZ, Fall 1990
Tubac Center for the Arts, Award of Merit, Tubac, AZ, Fall 1991
Church of the Beatitudes, Annual Competition, Phoenix, AZ 1991
Hundreds of collectors coast to coast, corporate and private, including: President Jimmy Carter....Author Tom Robbins....Spokesman David Hartman
Volunteer Award for Teaching Art at the AZ State School for the Deaf and Blind, Tucson, 1993
Tubac Center for the Arts, Best of Show, Tubac, AZ, Fall 1993
39th Annual Showcase of the Arts, Honorable Mention, Tubac, AZ, Winter 1998
Exhibition Credits
Quinta del Sol, One Man Show, Seattle, WA 1970
Omnus Gallery, One Man Show, Seattle, WA 1971
Ojai Art Center, One Man Show, Ojai, CA 1971
Johnson Home, One Man Show, La Conner, WA 1974
Abbenhouse Home, One Man Show, Seattle, WA 1975
Queens College Gallery, Two Man Show, Charlotte, NC 1983
Modern Primitive Art Gallery, Resident Artist, Charlotte, NC 1986
Congress St. Gallery, Resident Artist, Charlotte, NC, 1983
Stetter Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ 1990
Church of the Beatitudes, Annual Competition, Phoenix, AZ 1991
Knight Gallery, Spirit Square, Scheduled Exhibition of Sonoran Paintings, Charlotte, NC 1992
Karen Newby Gallery, Tubac, AZ 1992
A Southwest Gallery, Seattle, WA 1992
Sixth Congress Gallery, Tucson, AZ 1992
White Wolf Gallery, Resident Artist, Tucson, AZ 1993
The Living Gallery, One Man Show, Tucson, AZ, 1994
Horse of a Different Color, Patagonia, AZ, Currently representing work
The Upper Gallery, One Man Show, Tucson, AZ, 1995
Old Pueblo Gallery, One Man Show, Tucson, AZ, June 1998
Artist Statement:
I attended the Comish School of Fine Arts in Seattle, Washington, back in the sixties.. in the early 70's I lived on the Swinomish Indian Reservation for three years.. painted in the northwest for eleven years.. then moved to the Southeast and worked for another twelve years. The Southwest is the first environment since the Northwest to have a tremendous impact on me.. affecting my art through osmosis.. the Sonoran Desert flows through me, offering its essence which becomes my vision. I have never celebrated color in my work until painting in the Southwest (the Sonoran).

I am not a genre painter. My vision is humanity. The dark and light. The false and the true. Art is the rainbow in the seed. Art exists in many "isms". Images prompt one to think or feel (i.e., talking paint), moving one to the soul through simple materials. The false reason for buying any piece of fine art is for financial gain. The true reason for buying any piece of fine art is because one connects on one or more levels of their being with the art and the work stirs up what's beneath the surface of every day life.

Often I start by painting a very graphic image of the land - a person - an animal - in other words a picture - then negate the banal, the obvious, to separate, then define and discover, and I mean discover a vision. I don't seek 'cause seeking implies one knows the finished image that is sought. The only thing I know is that it's a landscape - a person, etc. however, sometimes it's a face and then I discover Father Kino - or it's just canvas and paint and then suddenly it's Sedona Vortex. Making art reminds me that wonder is my religion and within that wonder is the seat of my humility and faith in a supreme being.

When is a painting complete? When it talks! Pictures may talk, i.e. "A picture is worth a thousand words", but a painting.... a vision has resonance. It can transport you beyond the every day, even out of your body. I receive all I need for my work by spending time - walking or sitting in the Sonoran, the desert, the mountains, even the Greyhound Bus Depot. It all whispers voices of the past - the future.

I was born Victor Steven Rosenberg. In the past thirty years I have painted under different names i.e., Victor Jason, Victor Blue, Victor Steven Rosenberg, and finally Victor W. W. Stevens (White Wolf). The reason for these name changes (which took me many years to understand) was simply trying to escape an abusive childhood.
-Victor White Wolf Stevens, Tucson, 1998

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