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Ivana Vavakova

1965 Born in Prague, Czech Republic

Emigrated to the United States of America

Became US citizen

BA, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio

Moved to New York City

Art Student League, New York, NY

Solo Exhibitions:


The Spencertown Academy, Spencertown, NY


New Work, New Horizon Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic


Ivana Vavakova, Cleveland State University Gallery, Cleveland, OH

Group Exhibitions:


New Paintings, Liquid Gallery, L.L.C, Hoboken, NJ
Juried Show 2000, The Spencertown Academy, Spencertown, NY
Class of Eugene Brodsky, The Art Students League, New York, NY


1999 Night of 1,000 Drawings, Artist's Space, New York, NY
Annual Holiday Exhibit and Sale, The Art Students League, New York, NY
Exposition Photographique Contemporaine d'Europe, Taipei Jazz Photo Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan


Swanstock Fine Art Photography Exhibit, The Image Bank, New York, NY


Photo Americas Fine Print Auction, Tulsa, OK


Group Exhibit, Barnes and Noble, Astor Place, New York, NY
Le Voyage, L'ete de La Photo, Laon, France
Ivana Vavakova and Joaquin Colume, PSL Galerie fur Fotografie, Berlin, Germany
Joy and Hope in the Troubled World, Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs, New York, NY
Breaking with Tradition, Jansen-Perez, Inc., Contemporary Art Off Broadway, San Antonio, TX
Cross-Sections, College of New Rochelle, Gordon Parks Gallery, Bronx, NY


Five Woman Photographers, Madrid Supply Company, Madrid, NM
A New Agenda for Human Development, United Nations, Traveling exhibit; New York, Copenhagen and Beijing
Les Recontres d'Arles '94, Photogalerie Bild, Aarau, Switzerland
Real and Beyond, Agora Gallery, New York, NY
Intimate Portraits, Duggal Downtown, New York, NY


A Midsummer Caprice, Puchong Gallery, New York, NY
Small/Large Works, Limner Gallery, New York, NY
International Salon '93, Ward-Nasse Gallery, New York, NY


Benefit for Choice, A.I.R. Gallery, New York, NY
Group Show, The Emerging Collector, New York, NY


Prague Project Benefit, Traveling exhibit San Francisco, El Dorado, Alturas, Quincy and Merced, CA


Seventh Annual People's Art Show, Cleveland State University Art Gallery, Cleveland, OH


Cleveland Photography Student Show, Hilliard Gallery, University
of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada



Ivana Vavakova, Kuo-Chang Chi, Photodom, Taipei, Taiwan


Ivana Vavakova, Josef Moucha, People's Newspaper, Prague, Czech Republic


Ivana Vavakova/Fotografie, Josef Moucha, Audio Video Revue, Prague, Czech Republic


Portfolio Review, Josef Moucha, Revue Fotografie, Prague, Czech Republic


Ivana Vavakova Coloration, Kuo-Chang Chi, Photodom, Taipei, Taiwan


Artists Stray from Tradition, Dan R. Goddard, San Antonio Express News, NM


Mysticism at Agora Gallery, Randi Hoffman, Art Speak, New York, NY


Studio Montclair, Upper Montclair, NJ
Pro Arts, Jersey City, NJ


2000/Jun Banff, Canada


My paintings are of figures, part animal, part human, part adult, part child provoking enigmatic scenarios.

Sometimes I do preliminary sketches but I never rigidly plan the outcome. I paint with oil sticks and oils on wood panels with built up surfaces of sand, pumice or wax. I like wood panels because I can add and subtract from them. Paintings range from flat to relief like. My technique is unfussy and direct. My fingers and sharp objects such as push pins and nails are my brushes. Primal technique expresses primal experience. In fact, crudity helps me to intensify the impact of my work. I am attempting to make idea (content) and technique (form) inseparable. Scraping into the thick layers of paint is perhaps a metaphor for delving into my own personal history.

In the past I staged black and white photographs which I enhanced with oil paints. Photography taught me light and composition. I like to force the subject to the edge and maximize the image area. Compressed space makes the subject more immediate and direct.

I don't attempt to make my paintings understandable. I create mysterious narratives with multiple layers of interpretation. Dreams, memories and observation of the human force is my inspiration. I find it gratifying when others read unforeseen meaning into my work.

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