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Mission Statement
My grandmother bought red ribbons for every car we bought and
tossed a handful of change into the back seat. She had many ways of
warding off evil and protecting us from the dangers she saw lurking in
every corner of life.
Her faith was her talisman. Mine are everday objects - dryer lint, found
objects and recycled materials - that speak to me of the sacred in everday
ritual and routine.
Dryer lint is full of color, full of sentiment. Hair, skin cells, and lost threads
become entwined in a delicate fabric of fiber and memory. Using junk mail
as a canvas, lint, found and recycled materials., I create artist's pages and
books in a variety of sizes and dimensions.
They hold silent stories of women washing by rivers banks, in wooden
bowls, in basins and rainwater runoff, from the beginning of time. They
are a testament to millenia of foraging, gathering, tending and mending.
They speak of labor. And of love . Essential elements of our humanity,
these daily routines and rituals embody the spiritual and physical nature
of the sacred . . . in the seemingly most mundane.
The healing power of nature is the theme of my assemblage work.
The works are idols, time capsules and talismans all at once. The stones
and the trees, the pine needles - they are vanishing relics which we may
some day worship in remembrance only.
If the ideals of consumerism, modern culture and society completely replace
age old traditions and beliefs, if the natural environment is replaced by a
manuafactured one, then what?
The simplicity of finding a eucalyptus nut and making it into adornment is a
celebration - a gift, an offering - a healing human ritual without the dogma of
religion, without the blood of goats, or virgins.
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