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Travis Waldrop
DOB: July 26, 1970
Born/Raised: Spokane, WA
Current Residence:
756 S. Ridgeley Dr., #104
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 936-1286


Art has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. It always made me feel worthwhile, like I had a purpose. It provided an outlet for catharsis and helped me make sense of the world.

I have never followed any sorts of art trends, nor do I really care to, and I am not that familiar with the work of many contemporary artists, save maybe H.R. Giger (I've derived more inspiration listening to the music of Nine Inch Nails quite honestly). I have no formal art education (BA in Broadcast Communication, Washington State University)and have taken only a handful of art classes in my life so for the most part I am self-taught, though I don't feel that that makes me any less of an expert.

Good art, in my opinion is like a puzzle with a few pieces missing. In order to solve it the viewer is forced to use their mind to fill in the empty spaces, and that is what makes it interesting and that is what draws the viewer in and holds their attention. Mediocre art is like a puzzle with all of the pieces firmly in place; it's too literal and does not challenge the viewer (this analogy, by the way applies not just to visual art but to any creative medium).

My artwork incorporates alot of symbolism and metaphorical imagery, so generally the objects and images that I choose to use must contain some strong universal truths, accessible enough to generate interest and draw you in, but not so ambiguous that their meaning is lost-"surrealistic" is a common adjective that people have used to describe my work.

The subconscious plays a large role also- the literal messages and objects that I choose to use are formulated in preliminary sketches and outlines, but alot of what comes out is not preplanned. Creating, for the most part is just a process of sitting down, loosening up one's mind and allowing the subconscious to sit in the driver's seat.

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